The New Ticketing Frontier

Our Blockchain Technology represents the most advanced form certification, proof of authenticity, proof of ownership and proof of attendance for events organizers, ticketing companies and ticket holders, without any fraud possibilities.

How We Work

Project Scoping

Defining the scope, objectives, and deliverables of the project. We identify project requirements, such as budget and timeline, and outline the tasks and resources required to meet project goals.

UX Prototyping

Creating interactive mockups of the software interface to test usability and gather feedback. It helps us refine the user experience and improve the functionality of the product.

Production and Delivery

Developing and deploying the software to a live environment, ensuring scalability, reliability, and security of the infrastructure, providing support and training to clients.


We provide ongoing updates and maintenance of the software to ensure it remains up-to-date, secure, and performs optimally. It includes bug fixing, enhancements and involves regular backups.

Our Ticketing Solutions

Ticketing Experience Enhancement and Management

NFT technology opens up endless possibilities of enhancing the current ticketing experience for ticket owners and gives the ticketing company and events organizers the opportunity to effectively manage Sales and Post Event Experiences.

Venues and Merchandising

NFT technology can enhance the value of iconic venues, with phygital touchpoints ticket holders can expand and further enjoy their experience. Merchandising acquires a full new meaning thanks to blochain certification.

Artistic Identity and IP

Collections and drops created by artists, along with Music Video Tokenization can create recurring revenues thanks to IP royalties which are hard-coded in the blockchain forever.

Let's Unlock a New Phygital World!

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