Accessible and Secure Blockchain Certificates

The EduBlock, Powered by ThirdBlock, platform allows your organization to create and send accredited documents and certificates to your Students and Learners while securely storing them on the Blockchain. Students can access their documents at any time globally and provide proof of authenticity of their qualifications.

Who is Edublock for?

Verify your statements of accomplishment

Self improvement comes with Diplomas and Certifications, yet there is no protection from forgeries, loss, and there is no way to check them. Our Blockchain technology solves these problems:

Certify & distribute diplomas through NFTs. Immutable. Verifiable. Uniques.

Blockchain Superpowers for Your Organization


Every certificate is verified on the blockchain making them immutable and tamper proof. This prevents any kind of deletion, forgery and counterfeiting.

24/7 Access

Students and employers can instantly verify credentials worldwide eliminating long and timely manual discovery processes.

Empower Students

Provide your Learners and Students with the most cutting edge technologies and experiences regarding post education management.

Integrate & Scale

Edublock requires minimal set up based on your needs. We can connect our APIs to any internal system providing a seamless experience. The platform fits any type of academy from local to globally based sizes.

Want to learn how Edublock will enhance your offer?

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Environment First

Reduced Paper Consumption:

Digital certificates eliminate the need for printing physical copies of diplomas, thereby reducing paper consumption, especially in cases where special paper is needed.

Long-Term Accessibility:

Paper certificates can deteriorate over time, requiring re-issuance and additional resource consumption. Digital certificates stored on the blockchain can be accessed and verified forever.

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